The labor crisis across the AEC industry has become a long-standing issue. Today, one-third of the workforce is 10 years away from retirement and an estimated 1.9 million construction workers are expected to leave their jobs to work in other industries in 2024. Unless immediate and proactive steps are taken to retain this knowledge and upskill successors, workers with highly relevant skills and experience will walk out the door, taking their knowledge with them.

Implementing knowledge management practices is now crucial for the AEC industry. Organizations that have done so have achieved approximately 15-30% improvement in productivity, saving them up to $420,000 annually through improved decision-making.

Advancing AEC Knowledge Management is here to help you achieve this, too. We will gather over 100 Knowledge, Learning & Development IT, and Quality professionals from Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms to discover the optimal ways to create, manage, and share information within an organization and across projects.

It has never been more important – join us this year and ensure your current and future workforce are set up for success.

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