Advancing AEC Knowledge Management 2024

Following the successful inaugural conference last year, Advancing AEC Knowledge Management is back for its second year to tackle the industry-wide challenge of retaining the essential knowledge and expertise of a retiring and dwindling workforce.

This year, we are bringing you an agenda packed with insights from speakers at leading design and construction firms such as Clayco, Skanska, Perkins Estman, and CRB. Across three action-packed days, these speakers will share specific industry learnings that cover the end-to-end process of creating, capturing, storing, and sharing knowledge.

It is no secret that knowledge is power, so make sure you are part of the conversation to prepare for the demands of a fast-emerging practice and ensure your organization powers through projects with expertise and efficiency, maintaining their competitive edge.

Highlights for 2024

How to:

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Promote a Knowledge-Based Culture & Mindset: Engage employees in valuing the sharing and accessing of knowledge, and gain internal champions to advocate for new knowledge initiatives to increase buy-in.

Increase Efficiency With Artificial Intelligence: With technology advancements driving knowledge management, discover how AI is revolutionizing these processes in practical and innovative ways, and leverage AI tools to create valuable learning resources, simplify information retrieval, and solve user queries instantly.

Collaborate Better With Your Subject Matter Experts: Learn how to identify who qualifies as a subject matter expert, determine the most critical knowledge to capture, and ensure this knowledge is readily accessible to all.

Enhance Knowledge Adoption through Creative Sharing Techniques: Discover how companies are increasing employee engagement through interactive workshops, gamification techniques, and user-friendly interface designs.

Beginner & Intermediate-Friendly Content: Our interactive Pre-Conference workshop day is perfect for those who are starting out on their knowledge management journey as well as those seeking to maintain adoption and growth.