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7:00 am Breakfast & Registration

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Brian Dunn National Director of Integrated Project Services, JE Dunn Construction Company

Increasing Organizational Buy-In

8:40 am Securing Support From Senior Leadership to Increase Investment in Knowledge Management Efforts


  • Defining knowledge management within your business and how it can address critical pain points for your organization
  • Mapping out the benefits of knowledge management and the significant costs of disengagement to secure financial resource for your knowledge program
  • Aligning knowledge management activities with your broader corporate strategy and priorities to break down barriers to adoption

9:20 am Instilling the Importance of Knowledge Management Amongst Employees to Drive Engagement & Ensure Valuable Knowledge Is Not Lost

  • Robynn Selle Director of Knowledge & Learning, Turner Construction Company
  • Martha Katalevsky Director, Knowledge and Learning, Turner Construction Company


  • Highlighting the value of knowledge management to the individual to ensure information is shared at every level of the business
  • Discussing ways to encourage employees to focus on knowledge capture and sharing so that it doesn’t get lost in the race to get the job done!
  • Understanding how to set goals and expectations for your knowledge management program to encourage employees to invest their time and energy

10:00 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:40 am Discovering the Best Ways to Promote Knowledge Sharing Across Your Organization & Maintain Employee Engagement


  • Establishing the right messaging to advocate knowledge sharing and empower employees to contribute
  • Benchmarking the most effective channels for promoting knowledge sharing internally
  • Establishing ways to reward and celebrate employees who participate with knowledge gathering and sharing activities to incentivize further engagement

Strategies for Knowledge Management

11:20 am Panel: Discussing Different Organizational Structures for Knowledge Management to Decide What’s Best for Your Firm


  • Understanding the pros and cons of centralized vs decentralized knowledge management resource
  • Discussing how effectively different approaches integrate knowledge management into the fabric of the organization, and the additional processes you can put in place to deepen integration
  • Considering what you want to get from your knowledge management program to understand the best system for your firm

12:00 pm Insights into Action – AEC Knowledge Management In the Digital Age


  • Gathering knowledge is just the beginning. We’ll discuss strategies for turning lessons learned into actionable insights
  • The role of digitization and artificial intelligence in knowledge management and insight distribution is expanding
  • To maximize value and adoption, knowledge management solutions should meet users in the tools they are already in every day

12:30 pm Lunch Break

1:40 pm Defining the Roles & Responsibilities of Knowledge Management to Better Integrate With Cross-Functional Teams


  • Defining the specific role that a Knowledge Manager will play to ensure full understanding and alignment of how you can work with other departments
  • Discussing which department a Knowledge Manager should sit within to maximize their impact
  • Exploring how other areas of the business can leverage the knowledge management team for support in their own efforts and better integrate it into the different areas of the organization

Effectively Capturing Internal Knowledge

2:20 pm Integrating Knowledge Capture Into the Day-to-Day Workflow to Increase Engagement With Initiatives


  • Benchmarking approaches to knowledge capture that is straight forward, easy to complete, and captures learnings at regular intervals
  • Working with teams to draw out applicable learnings that can become centralized knowledge and even best practice without incurring additional work
  • Addressing who is responsible for the documentation of which information to increase capture of specific knowledge areas on each project

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Identifying & Targeting Knowledge Gaps to Ensure All of the Best Learnings Are Being Shared

  • Rachel Will Executive Director of Knowledge Sharing, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
  • Laurel Fasl Associate Director of Knowledge Sharing, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates


  • Conducting an audit of your current documented knowledge to identify information gaps
  • Reworking value streams to ensure these areas are covered by your knowledge management processes
  • Fostering champions or Communities of Practice to help fill these gaps and close the learning loop without direct intervention

4:10 pm Case Study: Understanding How Best to Manage Communities of Practice as a Method to Capture & Bring Together More Diverse, Specialized Tacit Knowledge


  • Dividing and defining Communities of Practice within your organization to ensure the most pressing areas of learning are being engaged
  • Coordinating Communities of Practice to align efforts and embed specialized information into the overarching organizational knowledge base
  • Implementing a database or system that captures Community of Practice knowledge that allows knowledge collection to be more efficient than just word of mouth

4:50 pm Putting Measures into Place to Ensure the Cross Pollination of Knowledge Throughout the AEC Ecosystem

  • Karen Delgado Director - Learning & Knowledge, Principal Associate, Colliers Engineering & Design


  • Exploring the importance of relationship-led projects to consistently gather and utilize cross-functional knowledge throughout the project lifecycle
  • Incorporating AEC knowledge in the design process and vice versa to provide a more holistic approach to projects and deliver better outcomes
  • Building the right culture to empower every team member to challenge concepts and suggest alternative approaches

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Brian Dunn National Director of Integrated Project Services, JE Dunn Construction Company

5:40 pm End of Day One