Transforming How Knowledge is Uncovered, Shared & Managed Across Your Organization

The average US business loses $47 million in productivity each year due to inefficient knowledge sharing. Yet, 44% of AEC firms report no well-defined training or knowledge retention program. Which, with turnover and loss of workers from the industry at an all-time high, means it’s critical Business Executives actively invest in the prevention of loss of invaluable knowledge now - before it’s too late!

Advancing AEC Knowledge Management will gather over 100 Knowledge and Information Management leaders from North America’s most forward-thinking Architecture, Engineering and Contracting firms to benchmark best practices and lessons learned for uncovering, sharing, organizing, and managing knowledge in their firms. Understand how industry experts are adapting knowledge management theory from other industries and learn how to enhance the effectiveness of information sharing systems to transform lessons learned into systematic business improvements.

Your Expert Speaker Faculty Includes: